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Where can i get latest firmware for FMB920?

Honesty ???

Hello, Sorry for my bad notions of English language but I will try to make myself understood. I have sent several messages to TELTONIKA to try to find a solution to update my product. Of all my messages, only one received a response ... asking me to contact the seller of my product to create an account to be able to access updates. Do you reasonably think that EBAY is able to do this? Is this a way to prematurely obsolete your products ??? So could I never update my product? If this is the case, perhaps it would be more honest to register it on the characteristics of your products because obviously we cannot update them. This post is the result of a year in which I was taken for an idiot. I thank TELTONIKA for this kind consideration. If you think you are being constructive, please answer, otherwise go to the next question. My device is a TELTONIKA FMB920 FW 3.25.15 Rev: 01 Thanks for reading.