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Hello; We are using FMB630 CAN 1 on Volvo Trucks(Models 2015,2016,2018);and want to know if there is other parameters than "io_86" and "io_87" to have Fuel level and consumption? Thanks.

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AVL Packet ID 58 is signed

id 133

Double avl id 133 :)

ANSWER: Yes, correct is 132 LVC Security State Flags 8 Unsigned 0 0xffffffffffffffff - - Security State Flag All 133 LVC Tacho Total Vehicle Distance 4 Unsigned 0 4294967295 - m Tacho Total Vehicle Distance, m All

But then property id 132 will be doubled, so you have to remove one row

harsh cornering io253

When does the device decide whether a harsh cornering has occurred? Is it based on acceleration or turning degrees? Can we change that limit and how? Also can we change the device to report acceleration on harsh cornering as well?

45 Direct Fuel Rail Pressure

Please confirm the multiplier on OBD Element 45 Direct Fuel Rail Pressure DEVannucci (talk) 14:27, 31 October 2019 (EET)

Analog Input 1, io9

I think unit for this io should be V like for all other voltages. 0.001mV is 0.000001V resolution, but max 0.065535V which doesn't seem normal.