Technoton DUT-E S7 Fuel Level Sensor

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Introduction to the product

DUT-E S7 Fuel Level Sensor connected to FMB using the Bluetooth interface.

Dut-e-s7 s donnim uporom.png

Declaration of Compatibility

Compatibility Declaration, DUT-E S7

DUT-E S7 fuel level sensor connection

The DUT-E S7 fuel level sensor is to be switched to the Working mode according to the operation manual.
To obtain the MAC address of the DUT-E S7 fuel level sensor, you need to transfer the sensor number from decimal to hexadecimal code.
Dut-e-s7 hex.png

Teltonika FMB connection

Insert a SIM card and supply power to the TELTONIKA terminal.

Alert.png NOTE: Firmware 03.27.01 Rev:00 or latest.

Equipment and fuel level sensor calibration

Terminal settings in the Configurator

Configure the GPRS data of the SIM card operator and the address of the telematic server:

Alert.png NOTE: Configurator v1.6.4B.3.27 R2 or latest according to the firmware version.
Dut-e-s7 configurator.png

Choose the protocol as shown below:

Dut-e-s7 configurator2.png

Connection of the fuel level sensor to the terminal

Put the sensors near the terminal.
Make ‘Discovering’ of the sensors:

Dut-e-s7 configurator3.png

Dut-e-s7 configurator4.png

Fill the MAC address in the field:

Dut-e-s7 configurator5.png

Configure the terminal for the data transfer from the fuel level sensor:

Dut-e-s7 configurator8.png

It is possible to connect up to 4 DUT-E S7 sensors.
The sensor settings are similar; you only need to change the MAC address.

None - PGN number (63277);
Fuel Frequency - frequency Hz DUT S7 (fuel level);
Temperature - temperature С0 of DUT S7;
Custom1 - Lateral acceleration m/s2 (reserve);
Custom2 - Longitudinal acceleration m/s2 (reserve);
Custom3 - Vertical acceleration m/s2 (reserve);
Custom4 - DTCs mask.

Frequency, temperature, and DTCs mask data are displayed in the configurator. Press the Low button to select the parameter to be sent to the server:

Dut-e-s7 configurator9.png

BLE Temperature 1 - temperature С0;
BLE 1 Custom4 - DTCs mask.
BLE Fuel Frequency 1 - frequency Hz (fuel level).

At the moment, the accelerometer is not implemented in the current DUT-E S7 firmware:
Custom1 - Lateral acceleration m/s2 (reserve);
Custom2 - Longitudinal acceleration m/s2 (reserve);
Custom3 - Vertical acceleration m/s2 (reserve);
FFFF (65535) values are transmitted on three planes.

Data on the telematics server

Sign in the terminal on the telematics server.
Configure the temperature and fuel level sensors DTCs masks.
The data on the server will look like this:

Telematics server 1.png

Sensors configuration:

Telematics server 2.png

Temperature sensor configuration

Telematics server 3.png

Fuel level sensor configuration

Telematics server 4.png

Calibrate the fuel level sensor, the ratio of the output frequency to the volume of fuel in the tank:

Telematics server 5.png

DTCs mask sensor configuration

Telematics server 6.png

The configures sensors will look like:

Telematics server 7.png