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Teltonika's TAVL4 is a powerful and flexible fleet monitoring application.


Perform online monitoring and fleet management in one application. Customizable interface allows you to effectively manage your fleet. You can monitor the whole fleet in real-time. View track history and current trip of Your chosen vehicle on the map. Receive notifications when an object enters or leaves important predefined zones (geo-fence). And these are only some of TAVL4 application features.


Online monitoring:

Biggest part of application window is the map, where you can see whole your fleet online. Furthermore, you can monitor single vehicle or group of vehicles. You can see moving or stationary objects. You will be able to make fast decisions related to further fleet usage.


TAVL4 application is able to create object driven distance track according to chosen time period. Program automatically calculates driven distance, fuel consumption and shows all records for selected time frame.


TAVL4 offers wide range of reports to handle your fleet efficiently: Driven distance, Trip stops, Fuel tank, Work time, Tachograph, Driver logbook and many more.


You can create geo-zones and monitor when an object enters or leaves geo-zones. Also you will receive notifications about zone transitions, so you would be always aware of your fleet movement.

Tachograph functionality:

TAVL4 application can display tachograph information such as Driver ID, Driver working state, speed and odometer. In addition there are special tachograph reports to summarize received information.

Garmin PND* support:

After you connect Garmin PND to FM tracking device** you will have access to:

  • Direct messaging with driver. Messages are sent over internet, so you avoid possible SMS expenses.
  • Destination sending to driver. You simply select desired point on the map and send it to the driver. Garmin will calculate optimal route for the driver and he is ready to go.
  • ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) support. You will always know, how far the driver is from the destination point and how fast the object will reach the destination.


Route planning is available on TAVL. There are two different kinds of route planning:

  • From last object location.
  • From point A to point B.

Additionally geo tunnel can be created, to monitor if object has deviated from the planned route.

Events and Warnings:

Receive SMS, e-mail, pop-up balloon alerts about different events and warnings:

  • Alarm.
  • Power voltage loss.
  • Over speeding.
  • Geo-fence.
  • Internal battery discharge.
  • Fuel pouring.
  • And many more.

Maintenance Services:

With TAVL4 application You are able to conveniently monitor maintenance of Your fleet, such as oil change or insurance expiration check. Services can be created according to:

  • Date – schedule the date.
  • Work time – engine work time.
  • Mileage – vehicle driven distance.

*PND – personal navigation device ** Following devices can be used with Garmin: FM1125, FM63

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