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3Dtracking is a global telematics platform provider and supports the world’s best tracking hardware, working through an indirect distribution model with telematics service providers (TSPs) and partners in six continents.

As a software-only provider, 3Dtracking offers a fully white-labeled, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution including fuel-management, advanced driver behavior, CanBUS, fleet scheduling, and schedule optimization, DTC reporting and OBD integration. In addition, 3Dtracking also places a significant emphasis on TSP/partner-focused functionality, such as full end-client control, support of telematics hardware, complete white labeling, and real-time multi-language support from one of 3Dtracking’s account managers.

In order to ensure the 3Dtracking platform continues to offer a wide array of functionality, 3Dtracking focuses on the research, design, development, and maintenance of their cloud-based software solution. Currently, the platform monitors in excess of 100,000 vehicles across 90 countries around the world.