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Electrical characteristics

Characteristic description Value
Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Supply Voltage:
Supply Voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) 5 30 V
Digital Input:
Input resistance (DIN1) 120 kOhm
Input resistance (DIN2, DIN3) 15 kOhm
Input Voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) 0 Supply voltage V
Input Voltage threshold (DIN1) 7.5 V
Input Voltage threshold (DIN2, DIN3) 2.6 V
Digital Output (Open Drain grade):
Drain Current (Digital Output OFF) 120 uA
Drain Current (Digital Output ON, Recommended Operating Conditions) 300 mA
Static Drain-Source Resistance (Digital Output ON) 300 mOhm
Analog Input:
Input voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions), Range 1 0 10 V
Input resistance, Range 1 120 kOhm
Measurement error 4.4 %
Additional error ±26 mV
Input Voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) Range2 0 30 V
Input resistance, Range2 146.7 kOhm
Measurement error 4 %
Additional error ±40 mV
Output Supply Voltage 1-Wire:³
Supply voltage 3.3 3.6 V
Output inner resistance 10 Ohm
Output current (Uout > 3.0 V) 30 mA
Short circuit current (Uout = 0) 130 mA
Bw nb.png Analog Input error margin can increase if temperature varies. If Analog input is not connected FMA1YX will still measure certain numbers and it cannot be 0. This measurement is influenced by hardware components.