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Advanced Plug and Track real-time tracking terminal with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity

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How to insert Micro-SIM card and connect battery

  1. Gently remove FMB1YX cover using plastic pry tool from both sides.
  2. Insert Micro-SIM card as shown with PIN request disabled or read Security info how to enter it later in Configurator. Make sure that Micro-SIM card cut-off corner is pointing forward to slot.
  3. Connect battery as shown to device. Position the battery in place where it does not obstruct other components.
  4. Attach device cover back.

Device is ready to be connected.

Fmb010 cover 1.pngFmb010 cover 2.pngFmb010 battery 1.pngFmb010 cover 3.png

Micro-SIM card insertion/removal must be performed when device is powered off – external voltage and battery are disconnected. Otherwise Micro-SIM card might be damaged or device will not detect it.

How to insert SD card into FMB1YX

Insert SD card as shown.
NOTE: SD cards are only used in devices manufactured until 2018-04. Newer devices have internal flash memory.

Fmb010 sd card 0.png