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Technical features

Part name Physical specification
Navigation indication LED
Modem indication LED
USB Mini USB socket
GNSS Internal GNSS antenna
GSM Internal GSM antenna

Technical details
Power supply 6 ... 30V DC
1.5 W max. device consumption
Energy consumption at 12 V:
GPRS: average error mA r.m.s;
Nominal: average error mA;
GPS Sleep: average error mA;
Online Sleep: average error mA;
Deep Sleep: average error mA;
Ultra Sleep: average error mA
FMB20X Battery charge current max. error mA
Operating temperature (without battery) error..error °C
Storage temperature (without battery) error..error °C
Storage relative humidity error..error% (no condensation)
Device + case + battery weight

With 400 mAh bat. - 170 g
With 1800 mAh bat. - 210 g

Dimension drawing:

FMB202 view dims.jpg