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How to install FMB630 drivers (Windows)

1. Please download Virtual COM port drivers from Teltonika website: https://drive.teltonika.lt/f/c784c30eb9684f749445/?dl=1. 2. Extract and run vcpdriver_v1.3.1_setup.exe. This driver is used to detect FMB640 device when it is connected to the computer. 3. Click Next in driver installation window. 4. In the following window click Install button. 5. Setup will continue installing the driver and eventually the confirmation window will appear. Click Finish to complete the setup. You are now ready to use the device on your computer.

Configuration (Windows)

MS .NET requirements
Operating system MS .NET Framework version Version
Windows XP with SP3 or later MS .NET Framework 3.5 or later 32 and 64 bit

At first FMB1YX device will have default factory settings set. These settings should be changed according to the user's needs.
Device can be configured to acquire and send data to server, in this case the GSM settings shall be set in regards with GSM operator's information. If device GSM is unavailable, the device will not be able to send the data and FMB1YX will start storing records to flash memory. It is possible to store up to 192000 data records with 128 MB SD memory card (when 100 MB are used to store records). It will send data over GPRS when it is available. Note that FMB1YX might reach its full memory capacity. If such case happens, the device will start deleting the oldest records in order to save new ones.
FMB1YX configuration is performed via FMB1YX Configurator program. Contact sales manager to get the latest FMB1YX Configurator version. FMB1YX configurator operates on Microsoft Windows OS and uses prerequisite MS .NET Framework.

Fmb120 configurator.png

Module configuration can be performed over USB cable. Configuration process begins by starting FMB1YX Configurator software and then connecting to FMB1YX device via Connect button located in Online header menu part. FMB1YX has one 4 editable profiles, whose can be loaded and saved to the device. After any modification of configuration the changes need to be saved to FMB1YX device using Save button.
Main buttons offer following functionality:

  1. Load – loads configuration from device.
  2. Save – saves configuration to device.
  3. Load Defaults – loads default configuration. Requires additional click on save button to save default into device.
  4. Load from file... – loads configuration from file.
  5. Save to file... – saves configuration to file.
  6. Reset device – restarts device.
  7. Device info – shows status of some basic parameters.
  8. Get Actual Profile – informs user about active profile.
  9. Add Keyword/Change Keyword/ Switch Security Off – Create/Edit/Remove security key from device.

More details on using the Configurator can be found in the manual.