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DOUT Control Via Call

Fmb920 dout via call.png

Scenario is activated and digital output is ON when call is received from a number which is on the authorized numbers list.
Call control functionality is following:

  • When FMB9YX is configured to control DOUT1 the device waits for an incoming call from a configured secure number. If a call is received FMB9YX turns on DOUT1 for a user defined Duration Timeout. If duration timeout set to "0" DOUT1 will be OFF.
  • DOUT1 can be turned off by Duration Timeout or by DIN1.
  • DOUT1 will always be ON if, for example, DOUT deactivation is set to DIN1, but DIN1 will be never turned ON, or when duration timeout is set to maximum value (2147483647) which is about 68 years.