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We are always improving our devices performance, stability and reliability. That’s why Teltonika is one of the leading GNSS trackers manufacturers in the world.
This document describes FMC640 & FMM640 devices firmware improvements, changes, new features implementations as well as current firmware release version.

Firmware versioning

  • Structure
  • Syntax description
    • XX – client number. Value range: 00 – Teltonika, 02..99 – Specific clients
    • YY – branch number, shows major changes in firmware, i.e. new module support added or new major feature added.
    • ZZ – minor changes like small fixes, improvements and new minor features addition.

Firmware versions

(Latest firmware release version for FMX640)
  • Improvements for manufacturing process. (No any functionality improvements made)
  • NEW added Euroscan Thermograph X1 and X2 support
  • NEW added: Iridium Edge
  • NEW added: LVCAN adapter over RS232 functionality
  • NEW added: support for codec15
  • NEW added: eSIM functionality implementation
  • NEW added: BLE name configuration feature.
  • NEW added: Additional tacho parameters.
  • NEW added: beacon timeout parameter.
  • NEW added: Beacon on change functionality.
  • NEW added: Tachograph Efas 4.8 DDD files support.
  • NEW Added: 1-Wire sensor IDs setting from configurator.
  • NEW added: BLE broadcasting name with 4 last IMEIsymbols.
  • NEW added: EGTS protocol implementation
  • NEW added: EFAS 4.11 support.
  • NEW added: Time jump filter
  • NEW added:Tachograph driver name configuration.
  • NEW added: BLE devices discovery functionality
  • LVCAN logging.
  • Tacho Mileage Jump filter port.
  • Tachograph DDD files download improvements
  • Manual CAN filter improvements
  • Periodic AVL packet send (when connecting to DDD server) improvements
  • Jamming detection for FMC64 devices improvements
  • Changed Tacho keep alive update state timeout
  • RS232/485 external device data sending improvements
  • Changed 1-wire devices search algorithm.
  • Changed max. FOTA Web connection period = 12h
  • Changed max. towing angle value
  • Record saving stability
  • Tacho KLine (D8) improvements
  • Sleep modes improvements
  • Impulse counter functionality improvements.
  • Blacklisted operator improvements and changes
  • Battery detection on startup improvements
  • Tachograph EFAS Auto detection improvements
  • Stability improvements
  • Advanced eco-driving improvements
  • FMS data reading improvements
  • Tachograph data sending improvements
  • LVCAN functionality improvements
  • Record sending logic improvements
  • BLE sensors timeout logic improvements
  • Drivers Schedule Support for Web Tacho
  • EFAS 4 Tachograph support
  • Record sending improvements
  • Eco Driving Improvements
  • Crash Trace improvements
  • Tachograph/CAN data reading improvements
  • Front Panel Live data reading improvements
(Current firmware release version for FMX640)
  • BLE functionality improvements
  • BLE stability improved
  • BLE firmware update via FOTAWEB added
  • TZ-BT sensor parser improvements
  • AutoCAN reading improvements
  • Tachograph FrontPanel improvements
  • Additional tachograph parameters added
  • Sleep modes improvements
  • Battery charging/discharging improved
  • Tracking On demand added
  • LVCAN DTC codes reading improvements
  • 1Wire TSH202 multiple sensors support added
  • Periodical TSM232 SBD records saving improvements
  • TCP buffering to SD card added
  • GPRS Remote log improvements
  • TPMS functionality improvements
  • Tachograph driver data handling improvements
  • Tacho download improvements
  • Record send stability improved
  • AutoCAN, ManualCAN improvements
  • Tachograph data reading improvements
  • TSM232 stability improvements.
  • Added Dout Control to every geozone
00.03.74.T112 2020.06.08
  • BLE beacons and BLE sensors support added
  • Data sending stability improvements
  • TSM232 check feature added
  • ManualCAN configuration improvements
  • GNSS stability improvements
  • Manual geofence configuration improvements
  • Fixed Trip odometer precision when counting mode is “Between records”
  • FMM640 NB-IoT network stability improved
  • I/O element reading stability improvements
  • Tachograph data reading improvements
  • Minor CAN-Adapter data reading improvements
  • Custom scenario event onExit feature
  • DOUT control in progress event reset
  • Tacho repeat request feature
  • FMS Tell Tale IO elements added
  • CAN data reading from train at 25kbits
  • Minor fixes