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Authorized driving/Immobilizer

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  • If DOUT Control is disabled, scenario will only generate events without digital output activation. If DOUT Control is enabled DOUT1/DOUT2 turns ON if ignition turns ON (Ignition Source is configured to 1).
  • After any iButton ID is attached, DOUT1/DOUT2/DOUT3 turns OFF.
  • After iButton identification configured Ignition Source can be turned OFF (Ignition Source is configured to 0) for no longer than 30 seconds, otherwise immobilizer must be repeated. If * iButton List Check parameter is enabled, authorization will be successful only if the attached iButton is specified in iButton list.
  • Ignition off timeout parameter is used to set the duration after which authorization is activated, when ignition is turned off.
  • Authorization off timeout parameter is used to set the duration how long the user has time to authorize after switching ignition on.
  • iButton list gives ability to use vehicle for 1000 specific iButton owners (specified in iButton list). Selected DOUT is controlled by scenario for user needs, to manage buzzer, LED etc.