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iButton Read Notification[edit source]

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  • If the scenario is enabled, when iButton is attached and is successfully read, configured DOUT goes ON for configurable amount of time (min: 0.00 s; max: 5.00 s; default: 0.2 s).
  • If DOUT ON and DOUT OFF durations are both set to 0, DOUT will be ON until iButton will be removed from the reader.
  • If the Immobilizer scenario is enabled and iButton’s indication scenario is enabled and the same DOUT controls are chosen then in case iButton is attached DOUT is not affected.

IButton’s event generation works as a standard IO event generation

Confirmation about successful iButton identification with configured DOUT ON indication If DOUTX iButton read notification parameter is configured to control DOUTX and DOUTX is ON, then when new iButton is successfully read, DOUTX is turned OFF for 0,5 seconds and then turned back ON. By “new iButton” it is meant that the value read by (let’s say Driver’s) iButton reader is either different compared to what was read before or it’s the first time this iButton is read.