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Mounting recommendations

Double sided tape on the back
Example of device mounting

Device fastening

  • Locate the battery in your vehicle. If present remove the battery cover to access the battery.
  • Wipe clean the installation surface of the battery if any dust or dirt is visable.
  • There is a double sided tape on the back of the device, use it to attach the device on the battery, so that the GNSS antenna and LEDs indicators are facing up.

Connecting power wire

  • Device power wire is designed to be directly connected to the positive terminal fastener of the vehicle battery.

Connecting ground wire

  • Device ground wire is designed to be directly connected to the negative terminal fastener of the vehicle battery.

Safety information

This message contains information on how to operate FMT100 safely. By following these requirements and recommendations, you will avoid any dangerous situations. You must read these instructions carefully and follow them strictly before operating the device!

  • The device uses a 10 V...30 V DC power supply. The nominal voltage is 12 V DC. The allowed range of voltage is 10 V...30 V DC.
  • To avoid mechanical damage, it is advised to transport the device in an impact-proof package.
  • Before dismounting the device from the vehicle, ignition MUST be OFF.
Bw nb.png Do not disassemble the device. If the device is damaged, the power supply cables are not isolated or the isolation is damaged, DO NOT touch the device before unplugging the power supply.
Bw nb.png All wireless data transferring devices produce interference that may affect other devices which are placed nearby.
Bw key.png The device must be connected only by qualified personnel.
Bw tick.png The device must be firmly fastened in a predefined location.
Bw tick.png The programming must be performed using a PC with autonomic power supply.
Bw humidity.png The device is susceptible to water and humidity if the device housing is not properly closed.
Bw ecute.png Installation and/or handling during a lightning storm is prohibited.
Bw nb.png Teltonika is not responsible for any harm caused by wrong cables used for connection between PC and FMT100
Bw nb.png Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type.
Bw disposal.png Battery should not be disposed of with general household waste. Bring damaged or worn-out batteries to your local recycling center or dispose them to battery recycle bin found in stores.