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Step 3: generating certificates and keys

  • Now we can start generating the certificates and keys. Begin with the certificate authority (CA) - the root certificate file that will be used to sign other certificates and keys:

    NOTE: you can press the "Enter" key when prompted to enter the values set in the vars.bat file earlier. Doing this will set the values to the default specified in vars.bat. However, you should type in a meaningful Common Name.

  • Next, build the server certificate and key:
      build-key-server server

    NOTE: once again, don't forget to specify a different Common Name (use the name "server" for easier management purposes). When prompted the sign and commit the certificate, type y and press "Enter".

  • Next, build certificates and keys for the clients:
      build-key Client1

    TIP: use the same Common Name as the certificate name (Client1 in this example). This will help you differentiate between clients easier. Pick meaningful names like "toms_PC", "company_maintenance", etc. Repeat this step as many times as you need, depending on the client quantity.

  • Lastly, generate Diffie Hellman parameters: