Tracking on Demand

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This functionality was made global (for all FMB devices) from 03.25.06.Rev.00. Tracking on Demand can be activated using commands. After device receives SMS/GPRS command " on_demand_trackingX" where X is a number from 0 to 2.

Possible X values are:

  • X = 0 – Stops Tracking on Demand functionality.
  • X = 1 – Starts Tracking on Demand functionality.
  • X = 2 – Generates one high priority record and initiates data sending to server.

After that, device starts to generate high priority records and initiate data sending to server. This feature is configurable via SMS/GPRS commands only.

From version 03.25.11.Rev.00 tracking on demand can be triggered by multiple IO Events. To enable functionality at least one activation source must be selected and appropriate IO Event (in I/O tab) should be enabled (Low/High/Panic priority, operand must NOT be “Monitoring”). When IO Event is generated and if the event is enabled in activation sources, tracking on demand will be started. New IO event will not interrupt or restart tracking on demand until Duration period has expired. If tracking on demand is already running, SMS/GPRS command will restart tracking on demand. If tracking on demand period is lower than normal record acquisition period, only high priority records will be created. If tracking on demand period is larger than normal record acquisition period, low priority records will be created according to data acquisition configuration and high priority record will be created after configured tracking on demand period. Some new Tracking on Demand parameters are introduced in devices.

On demand Tracking.gif

There are three available options for the activation source of tracking on demand - DIN/AIN or both. Note that, these inputs will work as buttons, rather than switches and are used to trigger the functionality, the duration of tracking on demand will not be extended if the activation source status is high for a period of time.