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This chapter is an overview of USERS menu.

Users section

This section provides information about existing users within your Company.


Below you shall find an explanation of what each column means.

String: email
This is the email that has been used for User invitation.

NOTE: you can not have more than one User bound to the same email address.

Integrator | User
User’s role determines what privileges this user has.

For role differences please refer to USER ROLES.

String: Company name
User can belong to the root level company or a child company.

Root level company can have only Integrator roles.
Child level company can have only User roles.
For Company and User hierarchy refer to USER ROLES.

String: date
This is the date that a User accepted invitation thus creating an account.


Filter gives options to select Users by a combination of their Roles and Companies.

You can select/filter devices by: - Role
- Company
- Device Model
- Firmware version
- Job status

Under Active Filters section you shall see current filters that have been selected.

Each of the Active Filters can be removed individually by clicking on a particular filter, or they all can be removed together by clicking Reset all.

Active Filters shall maintain current configuration until manually Reset, meaning that navigating through various FOTA WEB menu’s Active Filters shall remain as last configured.

You can also toggle a different view with Resource section.

Recource invite.png
Signed up | Invited; default: Signed up
This section allows management of invitations.

- Signed up – shows activated Users.
- Invited – shows Users that have yet to activate their accounts via an email.
NOTE: Invited yet inactive Users are NOT deleted automatically.


ACTION button provides control of existing and future Users.

Invite new user
Email | Company
User invitation has two requirements:

- an Email (must be unique within FOTA WEB, it is not possible to use same Email for few users)
- Company that this user should be assigned to
If selected company is a root level company – new User shall be with an Integrator role.
If selected company is a child company – new User shall be with a User role.
At the time of new User invitation, you shall receive a short explanation stating:
- Whether your selected company is root or child company
- Whether User will have Integrator or User role

Remove User
You can remove (delete) Users that have been created within root or child level companies.

Before removing a User, a YES|CANCEL prompt shall be given.
You can not remove User that you are currently logged in with.
NOTE: if a User is removed it’s email is no longer occupied.

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