WEB Tacho Company Management

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Company Management

Company Management options.png

A new company can be added by pressing the button Add (shown in the picture above a)).

Already existing companies can be edited by pressing the corresponding button above letter b) and deleted by clicking an option above letter c).

When adding a new company, a pop-up window (shown below) will appear. There you will be able to fill all the required information about the company.

Adding a new company.png

Disabled Disables the company if marked
Company Group Select to which company group the new company will belong
Name Enter the company name (Mandatory)
Date Expires Select the date when this company will expire
Email Enter recipient's email address (Mandatory).
Comment Write a comment (Optional)
Activator # Select the activation method (Auto Connect default)
Max Vehicle Count Enter the maximum vehicle count for this company
Activation Limit Enter the number for how many SMS commands can be send to initiate tachographs files download (Unused)