WEB Tacho User management

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Creating User

Users can be created and assigned to companies by clicking "Add" button shown in the picture below and filling the necessary information.

WEBTACHO User management.png

Login user creation.png

Company group Select to which company group the user will belong
Company Select to which company the user will belong
Role Select the role of the user: Integrator, Manager, User, Disabled
User Enter the user name (Mandatory)
Comment Write a comment (Optional)
Email Enter user email address (Mandatory). Email is used for WEB Tacho notifications
Password Create password for the user (Mandatory)

User roles

There are three user roles which have different permissions. The table below shows the difference between different user roles.
Please note, that some actions might be suspended, when the company licenses are expired.

Integrator Manager User
Create, edit, and delete companies +
Register, edit and delete objects + +
Create, edit and delete users + +
Create, edit and delete schedules + +
Create, edit and delete company cards + +
See company licenses (quantity and period) + +
Receive e-mail messages for failed schedules + + +
Receive e-mail messages with DDD files attached on schedule completion + + +
Manage FTP synchronization +
Manage licenses in company group +
Download DDD file from server + + +