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Teltonika DashCam solution is perfect for capturing videos or pictures of the events that might occur on the road, e.g. crash. Mounted on the vehicle front window, one camera are used, front, to record videos before and after the events, take photos periodically or by request and send all data to the server. Also the possibility to connect two cameras, DSM and DashCam or DualCam, to one device, FMC650. By utilizing the two RS232 ports on the FMC650, you can connect the DSM camera for driver status monitoring to one port and the DualCam or DashCam camera for road and cargo monitoring to the second port. Configuration

DashCam is connected to FMB125, FMC125 and FMB225, FMC225 and FMC650 devices using the RS232 interface.


Manual & Documentation

 DashCam Datasheet (EN) (Updated on: 2024-01-02)