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  • Schedule download begins from the Due date. If the schedule is downloaded every week - then it will download data collected by tachograph week before the "Due date". After successful download, the due date is updated for the next week.
  • If the device is unable to upload DDD files (for example Ignition is turned off during download) it will try to upload the files again after it reconnects: the device connects to TACHO WEB after the ignition is turned on and Start delay timeout has passed, later if the ignition is still on the device automatically connects every one hour. When each time the device connects to TACHO WEB it checks if any schedules are assigned for it. This way you can be sure that the files will be successfully uploaded to TACHO WEB.

Creating schedules

Go to Download Schedules from menu visible in Figure below A, select necessary object C (which you created before) and press Add New Schedule shown in B.


In an opened window Figure below you can also choose the vehicle (leave selected before or change to another), for which the schedule will be created, data types, download period, and due date will be set.


  • Tachograph data - General tachograph information
  • Activities - Driver work day report
  • Events and Faults - Detailed Events and Faults information
  • Detailed Speed - Speed sorted by date and time (in hours)
  • Technical Data - Tachograph technical information
  • Driver Cards Data - Driver information with detailed work report

The last 365 days of Events and Faults, Detailed Speed, Technical Data data is saved in Tachograph memory.
The last 28 days of Driver Cards Data data is saved in the Drivers card.


If every Tachograph Data type available is selected and Download Data Periods is set -> Once:
You will receive:
Tachograph Data for the last 365 days:

  • Events and Faults - Detailed Events and Faults information
  • Detailed Speed - Speed sorted by date and time (in hours)
  • Technical Data - Tachograph technical information

Tachograph Data for the selected activity interval.:

  • Activities - Driver work day report for selected interval

If Driver Card data type selected:

  • You will get information from the driver card for the last 28 days.


If Download Data Periods is set to Once, all information will be downloaded once, If you set Download Data Periods to other settings i.e. once a week, all selected information will be downloaded once a week, but after one week the schedule will be renewed and you will again get the data - this way you do not need to manually set the schedules to Once, just set the Download Data Periods to your preferred period and the data will be downloaded automatically every defined Download Data Period.

Editing schedules

If the schedule was created for several vehicles or just one, it will be displayed as a group schedule with vehicle count as shown in Figure below. To see what vehicles are assigned to the schedule group, it can be expanded by clicking arrows near the cursor.


You can edit a group schedule or add more vehicles to it. While editing group schedules vehicle filters should be set to <all vehicles>. Change schedule options by pressing the edit button. Assign new vehicles to an existing schedule group.

Deleting schedules

Select unnecessary schedule or schedule group and press the Delete Selected Items button shown in Figure below. After accepting the confirmation message – the schedule or schedule group will be deleted.