WEB Tacho History

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Time, date, and status of downloaded schedules are shown in the menu item “History”: WEBTachoHistory.png

Menu item “History”:
a) Download tacho history in *.csv;
b) Filter history by date and time;
c) Selected vehicle history ;

Below is shown all status designations of Status column:


Display Tacho Error Codes

Display Tacho Error Codes functionality basically lets you see the Error description that occurred at a specific time. It is useful, because you can identify the exact issues that happened at that time, take actions to it. Also this feature is necessary if you are creating a HelpDesk ticket about the error code. So please provide a screenshot of the error code with the explanation in the ticket.

To check the error code description, hover your mouse over Error symbol:


Example of error code:


This error messages could be copied to the clipboard by pressing on “X’ Icon of the error for providing the information in system. Example of clipboard message.