FM36M1 SMS/GPRS command list

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All commands are case sensitive. While FM36M1 operates in Deep Sleep mode and user tries to send SMS message it cannot arrive to FM36M1 device, because GSM/GPRS module is disabled most of the time (wake up depends on Send Period parameter). FM36M1 will receive the SMS when it wakes up (exits deep sleep mode).

Command Description Response
getstatus Modem Status information Yes
getweektime Current device time, Day of Week and amount of minutes passed since start of week Yes
getops List of currently available GSM operator Yes
getcfgtime Date and Time of last successful configuration Yes
ggps Google Map Link information Yes
getgps Current GPS data and time Yes
cpureset Reset CPU No
resetprof Reset all FLASH1 profile configuration to default profile No
getver Device / Modem / Code version information Yes
getinfo Device runtime system information Yes
getimeiccid Returns IMEI, CCID Yes
deleterecords Delete all records saved on FLASH No
getio Readout digital inputs and outputs Yes
readio # Readout digital input value according entered ID, # - ID value Yes
setdigout ## Y1 Y2# set digital outputs
0 – OFF, 1 – ON
Y1 – timeout for DO1
Y2 – timeout for DO2
getparam # Readout parameter value according entered ID.
# - ID value.
setparam # # Set parameter value according entered ID and Value.
1.# - ID value.
2.# - New Parameter Value
getparam 1271 X X values can be 1, 2, 3 Yes
setparam 1271 X/212 X If X is from 0 to 49, X means index of operator code which has to be configured. Yes
flush #,#,#,#,#,#,# Initiates all data sending to specified target server
1.# - IMEI
2.# - APN
3.# - LOGIN
4.# - PASS
5.# - IP
6.# - PORT
7.# - MODE (0-TCP/1-UDP)
setkey # # Add new or change current configuration keyword. If device is locked, keyword cannot be changed

1.# - old keyword (if adding new keyword space
2.# - new keyword

delkey # Remove existing keyword. (If device is locked, keyword cannot be changed)
# - old keyword
readops # 1 – send first 20 operator codes, 2 – send from 21st to 40th operator codes, 3 – send all other operator codes
sn # Static navigation, 1 – enable, 0 – disable Yes
banlist Banned operators information Yes
crashlog Device last information before unexpected reset Yes
delete_all_sms Deletes all SMS No
lvcangetprog CAN Program Number request by SMS Yes
lvcansetprog # Set LVCAN program number Yes
lvcangetinfo Get LV-CAN info by SMS Yes