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You can find FOTA Web Settings at the top-right of the page, there you are able to change web page language, generate API tokens, change account password and set your own time zone. More details about the functions are explained below.

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In the settings tab window you can select your preferred language. Currently there are 6 available languages:

  • English
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • France

API tokens

You can generate Token ID in the API Tokens window by clicking Add token, set a Token name and then click generate. This will generate FOTA Web API Token with which you can use it to integrate FOTA Web functionalities on your existing software system.
FOTA Web API Token.png

Full FOTA API documentation can be found HERE.

Change password

If your current password is too difficult to remember or not secure enough and you want to change it, you can freely change your password by entering your current password and then the password you want it to be changed to.
FOTA Web ChangePassword.png
If you do not remember your current password, in FOTA WEB initial window you can click forgot password. It will generate a link for resetting your password and send it to your email address.

Time zone

Time zone functionality lets you freely change how page will display time in different time zones. Changing it will change time information on when device was Seen at, Created at or Updated at.

FOTA Web Timezone.png

Two-factor authentication

NOTE: We highly recommend using this feature as it will help you to protect your account from intruders

How to enable 2FA

To improve user security and protect against unauthorized intrusions, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) functionality was added to FOTA WEB.

This feature allows you to add Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator or any other authorization in addition to your existing password.

If 2FA is enabled, the user will not only have to enter the correct email and password, but also a unique code generated by the chosen authentication service to successfully log in.

Enable 2FA

To enable 2FA, select "Settings" -> "Security settings" and click "Enable" in the "Two-factor authentication" field.

After that, the user will see a window where links to authorization methods will be provided, by clicking on which the user can get detailed instructions on how to work with them.

Select 2FA method
enter 2FA code

After pressing the button "Continue" the user should scan the displayed QR code with the help of authenticator application on phone and enter the code provided by the authorization service.

NOTE: If you are unable to scan the QR code using the authenticator application, click on "Click here to manually type the code instead" to enter the code manually.

After clicking on the "Verify" button, if the code is correct, 2FA will be activated. If the entered code is incorrect, 2FA won't be activated and you will see an error on your screen.

In addition, the user will receive an email from FOTA stating that two factor authentication has been successfully enabled.

2FA account verification

On the next login into your account, in addition to the standard login and password you will be asked to enter a 6-digit code generated by the authenticator application you activated in previous steps.

Disable 2FA

To disable the 2FA function, just go to Settings" -> "Security settings" and click "Disable" in the "Two-factor authentication" field. The user will see a warning about disabling 2FA and after confirming the selection, two-factor authentication will be disabled. The user will also receive an email informing them that 2FA has been disabled.

NOTE: in case of password change, 2FA will be automatically disabled

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