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Home Zone with GH5200 Quick start guide

Home Zone functionality allows for user to create Home Zone using Beacons or ELA COIN MOV BLE advertiser sensors and inform when an user brakes the violations.

There are two main modes in Home Zone Sleep Mode functionality:
1. Online Sleep (GSM is still available)
2. Deep Sleep.

Rules for Home zone:
1. At least one Beacon/ELA BLE advertiser sensor should be detected in 60 seconds.
2. RSSI level must be higher than configured for at least one Beacon/ELA sensor.
3. ELA MOV BLE advertiser must be in static position.

  • Before the Home zone alarm record is generated, the Pre Alarm indication is activated.
  • During this timeout if any of the Rules are not violated, the record will not be generated and indication will be canceled.
  • When these rules are violated after Pre Alarm timeout, a home zone alarm event occurs.

NOTE! We recommend to use the latest version of the firmware. Contact your sales manager to get Teltonika Drive link for those files. Firmware version which is shown in the pictures below is only an example.

1. In order to start GH5200 Home Zone testing, it is required to download testing firmware, configurator and configuration files.

2. Open configurator and connect GH5200:

GH 319.png

3. Update device with the latest Home Zone firmware version 55.00.08.Rev.319 and up:


NOTE! After firmware update – format device memory by pressing Format as shown below. Format button is on "Status" section.

Format GH.png

4. Upload downloaded starting configuration to the device:

HomeZoneCFG 319.png

5. If you plan to use server - configure APN, server address and port. These settings can be found in GPRS section.

Server info GH.png

6. Important Home Zone parameters in Bluetooth® features section:

  • BLE Geofence – Select to use ELA MOV, ELA Sensors or Beacons.
  • Home Zone RSSI (dBm) – Lowest Home Zone RSSI threshold before alarm event.

Example: If Home Zone RSSI (dBm) is set to -100 and the device signal becomes worse (e.x.-101) an alarm event is generated.

  • Time-Without-Beacon(s) – Time without beacon detection before violation (minimum 40 seconds)

Example: If Beacon was not detected by the device for 60 seconds, an alarm event is generated.

Generate Event

  • On Exit – Generates an event after device has left the zone.
  • On Entrance – Generates an event after device has entered the zone.
  • On Both – Generates an event when device has left and entered the zone.

7. Press Beacon list tab.

  • Select All or Configured (for seeing only preferred beacons) in Beacon Detection options.
  • If you have selected Configured to see preferred beacons, you must add beacons to the Beacons list.
  • Select Periodic option
  • Set Periodic settings according to your needs.
  • After all these steps press Save to device to save the configuration.

Alert.png To find out how to add beacons to the Beacons list, click on one of the devices: TST100 | TFT100 | GH5200 | TMT250


8. Press Features tab

  • Set Lockdown Indication settings value to 10
Lockdown Indication settings HomeZone.png

9. Press Bluetooth® 4.0 tab

  • Press Advanced in BLE connectionless functionalities window
  • Fill the fields as displayed in the image below
1st Sensor.png

10. Indication of the Home Zone Pre-Alarm and Alarm could be set in User Interface section. It is the same option as Proximity:


AVL ID’s and Data Structure

AVL ID 874 record describes the causes of violation:

0 - None
1 - Movement (Only for Ela MOV sensor)
2 - RSSI threshold violation
4 - BLE missing

Example of the data packet:






AVLID874 v0.png

Example of the server view:

Flespi beacon violation.png