November 22 Change Log

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General information

1. ADAS page has been updated with newer information about increased baudrate:

2. Teltonika ADAS has new firmware releases, description and what updates have been done can be seen in the link below:

3. ADAS data transferring timing table was updated:

AVL/parameter ID updates

4. You can now find Supported Vehicles and OEM Parameters lists link on the main pages of FMX001 & FMX003 devices:


5. ANATEL certificates was added to FMB020, FMB003:

Firmware errata / Configurator

6. A new firmware version (03.27.13.Rev.367) has been added for the device FMX125:

Created pages

7. New wiki page BASIC TRACK & TRACE created:

8. A new wiki page NBL-2 has been created:

9. Guides regarding checking Outbound SMS usage and creating Auto Top Up/Low Data notification rules were created:

Promotional material

10. Updated Promotional Material for FMM13A, FMC13A, FMB003 and FMB020: