Speed Limiting Solution

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Due to the accidents caused by over speeding, corporate fleet businesses and insurance companies suffer from huge losses in most of the countries globally. This can often lead to a loss in productivity, reduction in revenue, paying insurance costs (if it’s the driver’s fault), as well as medical and collateral damage costs. To help resolve this major concern, here at Teltonika Telematics we have developed and manufactured a unique GPS tracker with the speed limiter feature.


Utilizing a modern and comprehensive GPS tracking method allows you to monitor driver (including novice) behavior, improve safety, and reduce the fleet running costs and legal liability. And that is where Teltonika FMx series and MSP500 tracker-speed limiter come into the play.



  • Over speeding quick fix for good – the most common and widely spread speeding problem is resolved at once and for all with a minimum effort and maximum results.
  • Extensive functionality to serve your needs – highly advanced, configurable and efficient speed limiting solution. The rich set of features can be utilised in a combination with speed limiter functionality making it a truly comprehensive all-in-one solution for any fleet.
  • Improves drivers’ discipline and time efficiency – great assistance for novice drivers and seasoned professionals helping to stay safe and perform daily tasks with the least waste of time.
  • Lower expenses, higher profits – by preventing traffic accidents, speed tickets, delays, casualties, and insurance cost rise, this tracker very likely will improve fleet operational cost, company cash flow, and ROI.
  • Various fleets, one solution – suitable for all sorts of fleets and logistic businesses including freight forwarders, carriers, international and domestic couriers, 3rd party logistic service providers, livestock transportation, luxury and executive class fleets, etc.