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Placement recommendation is to increase GNSS accuracy. Device placement does not have an impact on movement detection - either way, one axis will be affected on a sudden move, and if values from the accelerometer exceed configured threshold, device will change its On Stop counter to On Move counter.

  • What recommendations are there for horizontal mounting, especially for IP67 feature?

Do not overtighten the case while mounting in order to not affect waterproofing.

  • When does the period for periodic tracking settings start?

After flipping the switch to ON position.

  • How does periodic sending work on an object that is not moving?

Based on On Stop counter. If device detected movement (exceeded configured threshold) it instantly jumps to On Move counter.

  • Is the module on until it finds a GPS fix?

TM2500 module is fully awake until data is sent to server (including GNSS fix search)

  • Why valid GPS signal is not always transmitted?

If Static Navigation is Enabled – Device will not try to get GNSS fix if no movement was detected between sleep intervals, instead it will send last known location instantly.

  • How long does the module take to find a true position with GNSS?

Up to 3 minutes. If it fails - device will send last known position.

  • Is the modem always available via SMS?

No. The Device will receive SMS messages only when the modem is ON (awake state). The device enters the awake state when sending the periodic data.

  • Where can we define the period for FOTA WEB connection?

TAT100 devices do not connect to FOTA Web periodically. It will automatically connect to FOTA Web only on initial startup (when the switch is flipped from OFF to ON position). Connection to FOTA Web should be initiated via the 'web_connect' SMS/GPRS command. This is to preserve battery power.