Why does TAT100 not send data?

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1. Make sure Tracking settings are configured correctly, according to these instructions

2. Check if your APN , Domain and Port entered correctly and GPRS data is Enabled.

3. In some rare cases it helps to clear the device's memory:

Reset SMS.png

It could be done remotely using SMS/GPRS command sdformat.
More info about the commands here.

4. Make sure the device is turned ON.

Bw nb.png NOTE! Please do not change Open Link Timeout in TAT100 configuration

GPRS -> Record Settings -> Open Link Timeout -> Should be set to [30] / Response Timeout -> Should be set to [30] / Network Ping Timout -> Should be set to [0]

Bw nb.png NOTE! Scheduler days has to be selected to enable data sending. More info here.