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Product change notifications (PCN) is way of informing customers of upcoming changes related to Teltonika products. This includes outward appearance adjustments, hardware improvements, firmware changes, changes to package contents, etc. Below you will find a list of both upcoming and already implemented changes sorted from newest to oldest (top to bottom).

2024.03.12: New base firmware

We would like to inform you of new firmware version that will be used for newly manufactured TAT140 devices.

Change description
Change type New firmware in manufacturing
Detailed description

Old firmware version:
Firmware version: 55.00.16.Rev.558
Configurator version: 1.7.16_E.TAT1.R3
BlueNRG version: 0.4.8
Release date: 2023.07.18

New firmware version:
Firmware version: 55.00.16.Rev.564
Configurator version: 1.7.74_E.TAT1_R.06
BlueNRG version: 0.4.12.Rev.01
Release date: 2024.03.12

Change reasons Firmware development to add new features and performance improvements. A list of changes can be found HERE.
Product release date 2024 March