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All commands are case sensitive. When user tries to send SMS/GPRS message to FMB2YX that operates in Deep Sleep mode, it cannot arrive to FMB2YX device because the GSM/GPRS module is disabled most of the time. FMB2YX will receive the SMS/GPRS message when it exits Deep Sleep mode.
If FMB2YX is in GPS Sleep or Online Deep Sleep mode, sent SMS/GPRS message will arrive to the device.

Common commands

Command Description Response
getinfo Device runtime system information. Yes
getver Returns code version, device IMEI, modem app version, RTC time, Init time, Uptime and BT MAC address. Yes
getstatus Modem Status information. Yes
getgps Current GPS data, date and time. Yes
getio Readout analog input,digital input and output. Yes
ggps Returns location information with Google maps link. Yes
readio # Returns IO status, # AVL ID. Yes
cpureset Resets device. No
getparam # Returns selected parameter value, # param ID. Yes
setparam #:# Sets selected parameter value.

1.# - first ID value.
2.# - New first Parameter Value.
3.# - second ID value.
4.# - New second Parameter Value.
5.# - third ID value.
6.# - New third Parameter Value.
SMS command is limited to 160 characters.

setparam #:#;#:#;…
flush #,#,#,#,#,#,# Redirects device to other server.

1.# - IMEI.
2.# - APN.
3.# - LOGIN.
4.# - PASS.
5.# - IP.
6.# - PORT.
7.# - MODE (0-TCP/1-UDP).

countrecs Returns records number. Yes
deleterecords Delete all records from SD card. Yes
setdigout ## Y1 Y2 Set digital output.
1.# – 0 or 1 (0 - OFF or 1 – ON) for DOUT1.
2.# – 0 or 1 (0 - OFF or 1 – ON) for DOUT2.
Y1 – timeout value for DOUT1 if needed (in seconds).
Y2 – timeout value for DOUT2 if needed (in seconds).
battery Returns battery state info. Yes
wdlog Returns all information about 'watch dogs' restarts. Yes
defaultcfg Load default configuration. Yes
setkey # # Add new or change current configuration keyword. If device is locked, keyword cannot be changed.

1.# - old keyword (if adding new keyword space).
2.# - new keyword.

delkey # Remove existing keyword (If device is locked, keyword cannot be changed).

1.# - old keyword.

bbread # Return black box information (HEX value of event ID and HEX value of custom data field (optional)).

1.# - returns entered number of latest events. When # is omitted the latest events are packed to single SMS.

bbinfo # Return same information as bbread command but additional all events timestamp is written in HEX.

1.# - returns entered number of latest events. When # is omitted the latest events are packed to single SMS.

sdformat Format SD card. Yes

Commands related to features

Command Description Response
fc_reset Resets fuel consumption parameters. Yes
towingreact Towing reactivation. Yes
auto_calibrate:set Calibrate position if car accelerate straight to > 30 km/h for 5 sec. Yes
auto_calibrate:get Returns the state of calibration. Yes
odoset:# Set total odometer value.
# - new odometer value in km.
odoget Display current odometer value. Yes

Commands related to Blue-tooth

Command Description Response
btgetlist # Returns requested Blue-tooth list.
# - 0,1 or 2 (0 – Discovered, 1 – Paired, 2 – Connected).
btscan Starts Blue-tooth scan. Yes
btvisible # Sets Blue-tooth to visible with TMO.
# - visibility TMO (from 1 to 255 seconds).
btrelease # Disconnects from current device and pauses auto connect functionality for TMO.
# - none or TMO (from 1 to 255 seconds).
btunpair # Unpair Blue-tooth device.
# - all, BT address (all – unpair all devices, BT address – unpair only specified MAC address).

Commands related to OBD

Command Description Response
obdinfo If connected with Blue-tooth OBD dongle displays all available information from OBD. Yes
faultcodes If connected with Blue-tooth OBD dongle display all visible fault codes. Yes
cleardtc Clears all vehicle stored fault codes. No
getvin Get vehicle VIN code, if OBD dongle is connected. Yes

Commands related to LV-CAN200/ALL-CAN300

Command Description Response
lvcansetprog # Set program number to LV-CAN200/ ALL-CAN300 that is connected to FMB1YX.
# three digit number that identity vehicle.
lvcansimpletacho # Add or remove simpletacho start byte.
# - 0 or 1 (0 – don’t add start byte, 1 – add start byte).
lvcangetprog Get program number from LV-CAN200/ ALL-CAN300 that is connected to FMB1YX. Yes
lvcangetinfo Get information about connected LV-CAN200/ALL-CAN300. Yes
lvcanclear # Clear Total Mileage (counted), Engine Work Time (counted), Fuel Consumed (counted) parameters values.
# - parameter (0 – Engine work time (counted), 1 – Fuel Consumed (counted), 2 – Vehicle Mileage (counted))..
allcanmode Turn on ALL-CAN300 mode. Yes
lvcanmode Turn on LV-CAN200 mode. Yes
lvcanfaultcodes Read DTC fault codes. Yes