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The companies tab is used to manage any additional child companies to your parent company.

Companies section

There are the following columns in the general Companies area.


Company's ID Company ID generated by FOTA Web when it was first created
Company name
Field displays company's name
Company Code| default: - Field displays company's code that is generated when devices are first dispatched.
Parent company name
Field displays parent company name that is above the user company in the hierarchy tree
User email
Field displays user's email that have created the company
Creation date
Field displays the date when company was created


The Create pop up button is the main tool for creating a company.

These are the steps to create a child company for your user company:

1. Click on Create.
2. Enter the name of the parent company in the first field.
3. Enter the name of the child company in the second field.
4. Click on Create.

NOTE: You can only create a child company as a parent company user. Any company that is created under the parent company can be managed by users within it and within the parent company. The users in the child company do not have access to management of the parent company.

Companies hierarchies depth

Hierarchies depth of 5 levels.png

The maximum vertical depth of company hierarchies is limited to 5 levels where the first level is the parent company and 4 levels of child companies. One company can have multiple horizontal companies.



The Merge pop up button is used for merging existing child and/or parent companies.

These are the steps to merge two companies into one:

1. Click on Merge.
2. Enter the name of the source company in the first field.
3. Enter the name of the target company in the second field.
4. Click on Merge.
5. Click on Next.
6. Make sure you have correctly selected source and target companies.
7. Click on Merge.

NOTE: Source company will be deleted after merging and all source company's users, devices, files and groups will be moved to the target company.


The Delete pop up button is used for deleting existing child companies.

These are the steps to delete two companies:

1. Check companies that you would like to delete.
2. Click on Delete.
3. Make sure you have selected the correct companies.
4. Click on Delete.

NOTE: Deleted companies cannot be restored.

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