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Dashboard tab is what you see first when logged in to FOTA WEB. It can be divided into few distinct sections – News and announcements panel, Company resources, Device statistics and Batches. Here is the brief overview of each section:

Dashboard FOTAWEB V1.1.png

News and announcements panel

This area shows any important news or announcements that are provided by our FOTA WEB team.

FOTAWEB Dashboard News.png

Company resources

This area provides a basic overview of company resources, like:

  • How many devices are currently assigned to the company
  • Amount of tasks created
  • How many separate groups are created in the company
  • Amount of files uploaded and generated
  • How many users have access to this company

Company resources.png

This panel also works as a navigation tool, so You can click on any of the resources windows and it will open it's respective menu.

Device statistics

The device statistics area shows the device status and firmware statistics in column graphs, with the most common status or firmware options at the top and the least popular options at the bottom.

Dashboard stats.png


The batches area allows You to see and filter bulk tasks that had been run in the Company. This includes the following batch information:

  1. Name of the task
  2. Task ID
  3. Amount of objects (devices) that had this task assigned
  4. The date and time when the task was initiated
  5. The email address of the task initiator
  6. Status of the task with the number of devices in this batch with the specific status. The task statuses are color-coded:
    • Purple - Task is pending (System is waiting for the device)
    • Light Blue - Task is running currently
    • Green - Task is completed successfully
    • Black - Task was cancelled
    • Red - Task failed.
    • Yellow - Task is completed with errors


Cancelling tasks using Batches area

Another feature of the Batches area is an ability to cancel multiple tasks at once. Each batch, that has an underlined name, can be used to filter the tasks that were created in the same batch.

Batch task.png

After clicking on the batch name, You will be redirected to the tasks page, where the system will automatically filter out all tasks from the selected batch.

Tasks batches filtered.png

In here You can cancel tasks one-by-one, or You can click "Cancel Tasks" at the top left corner of the tasks page to cancel all tasks from the selected batch.

Cancel tasks.png

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