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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get the access to the FOTA WEB?
Please contact the sales manager dedicated to you according to the creation of this account. Provide your e-mail to which the invitation will be send.
  • What features does the FOTA WEB have?
The FOTA WEB is a powerful web tool, which allows to:
Update devices Firmware and Configuration
See the Active devices Statuses
Search for devices, according to IMEI, SN or description
Filter devices according to Firmware, Model, Groups, Companies, and more.
Create new User companies
Group devices
Download Logs, Configuration from devices
More Information about the possibilities is in our wiki manual. >>> FOTA WEB
  • Some of devices I have do not appear in my FOTA WEB. How can I make the device appear in my account?
Please contact your Sales Managers, devices which are bought from the other sources are not added automatically to the account.
  • How to know that the device successfully uploaded Firmware and Configuration?
The device status will change to the complete.
The device status will change in this order:
1. You just assigned the firmware > Device will be showed as pending status.
2. After some time (by default device will connect to FOTA WEB every 12 hours to check if there are any tasks pending) the device will change the status to updating.
3. After some time, the device will clear the statuses and change the information in the main menu. The update is complete.
  • Why the device does not connect instantly to the FOTA WEB when I assign the update?
The connection to the FOTA WEB comes from the device's side. There is a need to wait for the 12 hours period by default for the device to connect. It is possible to send the SMS/GPRS command to make the instant connection to the FOTA WEB. 
Please check the SMS command web_connect in the link provided. >>> FMB SMS/GPRS Commands
  • How to know which task I assigned will be done first?
Tasks in FOTA WEB are executed as follows:
1. Upload OBD OEM Configuration for the device FMB003.
2. Upload FW to the device
3. Upload CFG to the device
4. Download LOGS from the device
5. Download CFG from the device
  • Which devices have the availability to use FOTA WEB?
The unsupported devices are: FMB630, FM6300, FM11, FM1YX, FM2YX, FMA1, FMA2YX, and other older devices.
FM36YX supports only firmware updates.
  • Why are some of the devices seems to not connect to the FOTA WEB, updates are still pending?
Make sure that the devices have the required Firmware version 01.03.13 for FOTA WEB supportive. Make sure that the FOTA WEB settings are set according to the manual. >>> Getting Started
  • What are account settings and where can they be found?
The account settings can be found by clicking settings in the top right corner.
Account name - displays your account email address and what company are you assigned to.
Language - this option allows you to change the display language for Fota WEB.
API tokens - Generates an API token for the application to use when requesting FOTA WEB services.
Change password - Used to change the password of your account.
Time zone - this option allows you to change the time zone for Fota WEB.
FOTA Tutorial - basic introduction and explanation tutorial to FOTA Web.
Additional information about FOTA API. >>> FOTA API