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Teltonika DualCam

Teltonika DualCam solution is perfect for capturing videos or pictures of the events that might occur on the road, e.g. crash. Mounted on the vehicle front window, two cameras are used, front and rear, to record videos before and after the events, take photos periodically or by request and send all data to the server.

TSM232 Iridium SATELLITE Terminal

Teltonika TSM232 is Iridium SATELLITE terminal with a backup battery. Full solution combines Teltonika TSM232 with Teltonika FM63XY or FMB630 connected via RS232. This solution allows to transfer data to server via Iridium satellite network when other terrestrial networks are unavailable.


The collision warning system consists of the ADAS camera, which is mounted on the front window of the vehicle, and the Teltonika advanced GPS tracker FMC125, both connected via an RS-232 interface. ADAS camera detects alarming events in front and sends all the data to the dedicated server for further monitoring and analysis. Plus, it shows the Driver notification on events n front of the driver