DSM SMS commands

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Camera SMS commands

Command Arguments Explanation
dsm_camreq: <file_type>, <file_source>, <domain>,<port> Captures appropriate file with the provided details. If the connection to server is opened, then files immediately become available for download. If not, then the connection is tried to be made.

If <domain> and <port> parameters are included, the device will send footage of the command to that address.

The arguments are as follows:


  • 2 – Current snapshot;


  • 4 – DSM (hardcoded). 0 is reserved for ADAS; 1, 2 and 3 are reserved for DualCam project;


  • Optional – domain to where file has to be sent;


  • Only required if domain is used.


dsm_camreq:2,0,,3333 – request current snapshot from camera and upload to server with 3333 port.

General camera information

This command sends general information retrieved from the camera.

Command Arguments Explanation
dsm_getinfo None Used to get general camera information

The response message structure is as follows:

Date: <date>,FW:<version>,Err:<error_code>,Rec:<rec_status>,GPS:<lat>|<lon>|<gps_status>,Event:<active_event>|<g_sensor_event>,State:<camera_state>


  • <date> – date and time extracted from the camera in the following format: <YYYY>.<MM>.<DD> <hh>:<mm>:<ss>
  • <version> – camera FW version in the following format: <major>.<minor>.<build>
  • <error_code> – camera error code
  • <rec_status> – recording status
  • <lat>, <lon> – GPS coordinates (4 decimal places precision); <gps_status> – GPS status
  • <active_event> – active event(s) mask detected by the camera; <g_sensor_event> – g-sensor active flag
  • <camera_state> – current working state (from the device)

For possible field values refer to I/O elements or the DSM protocol description.

File upload procedure

When video/snapshot file is requested via SMS/GPRS command firstly the device checks if it has SD card inserted and if it has the requested video/snapshot in the SD card. The file is present, file upload is immediately triggered, otherwise the device checks if DSM camera is connected to FMC640 and tries to download the file – file upload to the server starts only after the file was saved to FMC640 SD card.