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ECAN02 is contactless adapter used to read vehicle CAN Bus data. ECAN02 adapter should be used in combination with:

It reads can-bus data through the isolation of wires without damaging them and forwards signals to the tracking device.


  • ECAN02 collects vehicle data from CAN bus without damaging the wires
  • Powered from an on-board power source
  • Reads the signals through the isolation of CAN bus wires
  • Easy to install and operate


ECAN02 Promo.png

Installing ECAN02 FMX150.png

Technical features

Minimum Typical Typical Maximum Unit
Supply Voltage
Supply Voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) +10 +12 +24 +30 V
Current Consumption
Working Mode 4.21 mA
Sleep Mode 1.47 mA
Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature -40 +85 °C
Internal resettable fuse (max 33 V) 750 mA
  • Dimensions 39 x 12 x 19 mm
  • CAN-BUS speeds up to 1000 kb/s
  • Fuse is protecting devices from high current peaks. If the voltage exceeds 33V (i.e. 35V) then protection diode stabilizes device voltage to 33V and the current value will increase accordingly.




1 CAN L (Blue) Connect to CAN L input of CAN BUS converter
2 CAN H (White/Blue) Connect to CAN H input of CAN BUS converter
3 VCC (RED) Power supply (10-30) V DC (+)
4 GND (-) (Black) Ground wire (10-30) V DC (-)
ECAN01 pinout-01.png

Wiring scheme

ECAN02 wiring scheme.png

Setup ECAN02

  1. Gently open the ECAN02 cover using a plastic pry tool from both sides.
  2. Remove backing material on double-sided adhesive tape.
  3. Insert CAN wires. Please make sure that the correct slots are used (CAN High/CAN Low).
  4. Close the device.
  5. Device is ready-to-use.

ECAN02 (dvipusė įklijuojama) 01.png ECAN02 (dvipusė įklijuojama) 02.png ECAN02 (dvipusė įklijuojama) 03.png ECAN02 (dvipusė įklijuojama) 04.png ECAN02 (dvipusė įklijuojama) 05.png

Certification & Approvals


Certification & Approvals

Nomenclature, classification codes


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ECAN02 Product Change Notifications

Promotional Material

ECAN02 Promotional Material


Manuals & Documentation

Pdf icon.png ECAN02 Datasheet (EN) (Updated on: 2023-06-21)
Pdf icon.png ECAN02 flyer (Updated on: 2023-06-22)
Pdf icon.png ECAN01 vs ECAN02 flyer (Updated on: 2023-06-22)

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