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SDPPI (Direktur Jenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan informatika) is Indonesian Directorate General of Resources and Equipment for Post and Information Technology.


Under National Telecommunication Act. No. 36 year 1999, certificate of approval is required for ITE and Telecommunication equipment to be sold or imported into Indonesian market. The certificate of approval is issued by Directorate General of Resources and Equipment for Post and Information Technology (SDPPI) or in Indonesia called Direktur Jenderal SUmber Daya dan Parengkat Pos dan Informatika. Certifications are granted at the system (host) level and the certificate is valid for each type or model number of equipment while product or model series certificate or type approval is not acceptable as stated in Ministerial Regulation No. 29/PER/M.KOMINFO/09/2008 as annex to the act No. 36 year 1999.


Certification number: 85928/SDPPI/2022

PLG ID (Customer ID number): 14246

Certified devices for Indonesian market can be found on SDPPI website:

Link: Website

You can find the PDF version of the certificate here

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