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SIMPLE-CAN is contactless adapter used to read vehicle CAN Bus data. SIMPLE-CAN adapter should be used in combination with:

It reads can-bus data through the isolation of wires without damaging them and forwards signals to the tracking device.


  • SIMPLE-CAN collects vehicle data from CAN bus without damaging the wires
  • Powered from an on-board power source
  • Reads the signals through the isolation of CAN bus wires
  • Easy to install and operate

Technical features

Minimum Typical Typical Maximum Unit
Supply Voltage
Supply Voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) +9 +12 +24 +63,5 V
Current Consumption
Working Mode 8,3 4,3 mA
Sleep Mode 1,6 0,91 mA
Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature -40 +85 °C
  • Dimensions 41,0 x 42,1 x 14,5 mm
  • Weight 23,6 g
  • CAN-BUS speeds from 33,33 to 500 kb/s
  • Automatically sets CAN Low, CAN High polarity
  • Automatically adjusts signal level and speed

Nomenclature, classification codes



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