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The Integrated Tariff of the Republic of Lithuania (LITAR) code is the initial eight-digit code used to uniquely identify the set of information on EU tariff measures and national taxes as well as some import and export restrictions and prohibitions.

Description[edit source]

LITAR is an instrument intended for the search of the EU tariff and some non-tariff information as well as information on national tax (excise and VAT) rates; however, a computerized database is not a legislative act, therefore LITAR itself does not have the status of a legal instrument. In order to explore customs duties and other taxes as well as conditions of their implementation, you should find out a relevant legislation (EC regulation, Excise or VAT Law of the Republic of Lithuania, etc.). Data collected by LITAR:

  • Combined Nomenclature data (chapters, headings, subheadings, preliminary provisions of the Combined Nomenclature, chapter and chapter notes, subheading notes and additional notes);
  • Explanatory Notes to the Combined Nomenclature;
  • TARIC subheadings and lists, additional commodity codes and lists thereof;
  • Details of any additional units of measurement applicable to the goods, together with their specifications and descriptions;
  • Details of prohibitions and restrictions on goods, customs and tax rates, and export refund opportunities;
  • Country codes, names, country group codes;
  • Document codes and their lists;
  • Data on tariff quotas (tariff quota numbers, periods of validity, quantities, balances, statuses);
  • Alphabetical index of goods for classification of goods;
  • Validity periods for all of the above.

LITAR code for CAN adapters units[edit source]

LITAR code is using the same for all CAN adapters (LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300, CAN-CONTROL, SIMPLE-CAN, MINI-CAN and ECAN01). The code for LV-CAN200 is 85371091.

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