TFT100 Stable firmware

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FIRMWARE VERSION: 55.02.03.Rev.06


  • [ADD] Added CAN Debug feature and CAN Log parameter
  • [CHN] Increased DOUT duration limit for Overspeeding, Green Driving, Idling features
  • [ADD] Added Odometer parameter for UART, RS232 and RS485
  • [REM] Removed CAN and RS485 termination resistor management parameter
  • [FIX] Fixed Askoll CAN protocol charge voltage and current I/O parameters visibility, removed malfunction indication I/O
  • [FIX] Fixed FLEX CAN protocol parameters duplication
  • [ADD] Added Ignition ON Counter feature
  • [ADD] Added Separate Manual CAN I/O Reset feature and related parameters
  • [CHN] Reduced max sensor size to 64 bytes
  • [CHN] Moved Manual CAN baudrate parameter to main CAN I/O section
  • [CHN] Changed Manual CAN Settings table and simplified CAN protocol settings
  • [CHN] Changed device Wiki links to Teltonika-gps
  • [FIX] Fixed BLE Custom I/O Low level maximum value to match valid range by firmware
  • [REM] Removed wrong parameter (ID: 740 and 741) tool tips
  • [ADD] Added Eye Sensors support
  • [FIX] Fixed Roaming/Blacklist CSV file import
  • [FIX] Fixed Manual CAN request period max range
  • [REM] Removed Manual CAN and Manual J1939 parameters option to leave empty field
  • [ADD] Added High resolution vehicle distance and Trip Distance CAN ID and I/O to Default J1939 protocol
  • [ADD] Added new Askoll CAN protocol I/O's
  • [CHN] Changed Manual CAN Commands interface to table
  • [REM] Removed ISO6709 I/O
  • [FIX] Fixed Tool Tips inaccuracies
  • [FIX] Fixed Online vs Offline configuration discrepancies
  • [CHN] Changed Manual CAN I/O and Ignition range Low and High level maximum value range
  • [FIX] Fixed J1939 Source Address maximum address to 253
  • [FIX] Fixed UART Battery temperature Low level maximum value range
  • [FIX] Fixed Ultra Deep Sleep naming mismatch
  • [ADD] Added SMS Events functionality
  • [FIX] Fixed auto answer (HF) wrong parameter values
  • [REM] Removed RS485 Mode selection duplication
  • [CHN] Increased DOUT duration limit for Overspeeding, Green Driving, Idling features
  • [ADD] Added CAN Debug feature
  • [CHN] Changed 0% battery level voltage to 3.3V
  • [ADD] Added battery percentage level to battery info SMS
  • [ADD] Added Ignition ON Counter feature
  • [ADD] Added protection against network stuck reset when device is working from battery and immobilizer scenario might be activated
  • [CHN] Improved CAN data reading operation for each available CAN protocol
  • [ADD] Added CAN chip sleep when external power is not available or device is in Ultra Deep Sleep
  • [ADD] Added Separate Manual CAN I/O Reset feature
  • [ADD] Added new Askoll CAN I/O's
  • [ADD] Added watchdog timer for CAN task
  • [CHN] Improved DOUT control during device's boot-up
  • [FIX] Fixed incorrect CAN SMS/GPRS AVL response
  • [ADD] Added High resolution vehicle distance and Trip Distance CAN ID and I/O to Default J1939 protocol
  • [REM] Removed ISO6709 I/O
  • [FIX] Fixed ignition detection with power voltage higher than 65V
  • [FIX] Fixed CAN and UART I/O low level range values
  • [ADD] Added SMS Events functionality
  • [FIX] Fixed AVL ID 239 (Ignition) value not updating in records
  • [FIX] Fixed Auto Geofence text field parameter resetting after device reboot
  • [ADD] Added Eye Sensors support
  • [CHN] Changed CAN None protocol operation - CAN is not configured, CAN task suspended
  • [CHN] Reduced 1-Wire startup delay after wake up from UDS
  • [ADD] Added DIN2 status to getio command
  • [FIX] Fixed setdigout speed command when GNSS fix is not available

1.6.11 R.39
  • [CHN]: Changed Default and Minimum CAN Command period. Changed tooltips.
  • [ADD]: Add timestamp backup description
  • [CHN]: Corrected misleading and outdated tooltips
  • [CHN]: Changed TFT100 default configuration.
  • [ADD]: Added CAN I/O reset parameter.
  • [ADD]: Govecs FLEX (TFT100) changes were merged into 7.0.33 version.
  • [ADD]: Added AES128 BLE encryption KEY parameter
  • [CHN]: Updated tooltip description for DOUT Deactivation Via DIN
  • [FIX]: Fixed BLE Sensor Custom IO SMS sending with value NaN and displaying as ASCII in Configurator.
  • [FIX]: Fixed device constantly opening and closing GPRS with permanent link if APN is empty in configurator.
  • [FIX]: Fixed permanent link not changing protocol after reconfiguration.
  • [CHN]: Updated FOTA WEB protocol ID 0x04 => 0x05
  • [FIX]: Increased connection interval in order to speed up connection through BLE terminal.
  • [FIX]: Fixed POSI command skipping.
  • [FIX]: Fixing network stability issues.
  • [FIX]: Fixed timestamp not renewing for Eddystone beacons.
  • [FIX]: Added condition to prevent closing socket, if GPRS command is received and response was not sent yet.
  • [FIX]: Fixed issue, when after pin reconfiguration from DOUT to DIN, DOUT stays ON.
  • [FIX]: Fixed periodic CAN command message disabling.
  • [FIX]: Fixed Flex CAN protocol reading 0 values after power is cut off.
  • [FIX]: Fixed Manual CAN commands periodical sending.
  • [CHN]: Changed TFT100 default configuration.
  • [CHN]: Increased external queue size to prevent abnormal restarts during BLE scan.
  • [ADD]: Added Reset CAN IO values parameter.
  • [FIX]: Fixed CAN message sending irregularities.
  • [FIX]: Fixed J1939 CAN reading recovery after external power is off.
  • [ADD]: Added priority for charger control factory command.
  • [FIX]: Fixed a broken GSM connection due to incorrect SIM card selection.
  • [FIX]: Fixed FOTA WEB fail when the files requested for download do not exist.
  • [FIX]: Fixed lost BLE AES encryption key after reboot.
  • [ADD]: Merged Govecs FLEX changes into base. New configuration 7.0.33 created also.
  • [FIX]: Fixed DOUT delay after ignition detection.
  • [FIX]: Fixed Manual CAN Ignition and Speed I/O‘s timeout issue
  • [FIX]: Fixed Manual CAN Speed Source I/O‘s Speed Offset min/max values
  • [ADD]: Added AES128 BLE encryption functionality
  • [FIX]: Fixed Manual CAN I/O triggers with configured operands
  • [FIX]: Fixed GPRS commands sending with TLS encryption
  • Parameters for Ignition, Speed extraction from manual CAN messages added.
  • Added immobilizer functionality which is not dependent on ignition.
  • GNSS source parameter mask changed to allow only valid GNSS modes.
  • FLEX protcol functionality added.
  • Manual CAN Commands functionality moved to separate tab.
  • 120 Ohm resistor settings added for CAN, RS485 variants.
  • Last know position parameter added.
  • PDOP filter parameters added.
  • Fixed FW up/downgrade for TFT CAN devices with new Flash component.
  • SMS commands updated. Commands will return time with time zone applied.
  • Fixed minus temperature calculation.
  • PDOP filter added.
  • Movement detection tracking fixed.
  • GNSS source parameter only available value can be set.
  • Added Backup tracker scenario.
  • Added speed, ignition source manual CAN functionality.
  • Added immobilizer functionality which is not dependent on ignition.
  • Updated Manual CAN IO value dispaly. The value is cleared after configuration changed.
  • Added FLEX protocol support.
  • Added a time guard if BLE scan job is stuck.
  • Fixed external voltage value representation in battery SMS command response.
  • Added 120 Ohm resistor support.
  • Added Last known position parameter added.
  • Parameter order in IO section was updated.
  • Timestamp backup functionality added.
  • Added possibility to include additional IOs to eventual crash record.
  • Added Endianess, Payload and RTR options to Manual CAN settings.
  • Added possibility to include additional IOs to eventual crash record
  • Fixed DOUT state after immobilizer.
  • Fixed double iButton scanning issue for immobilizer after sleep.
  • Fixed Crash event value.
  • Added battery percentage value to the SMS
  • Increased compatible beacons count from 25 to 100.
  • Fixed memory leak, when the GPS module is turned on and off frequently.
  • Timestamp backup functionality added.
  • Improved Manual CAN data reading.
  • Beacon detection regarding the timestamp for immobilizer functionality, minimal ignition tmo changed to 5s.
  • Added Request DA parameter to Manual J1939 (availability to send request to specific adress).
  • Added Payload and RTR parameters to Manual CAN (availability to send requests with data).
  • Option to start Manual CAN commands on startup was added.
  • Added command .can_dbg:<1/0>, which turn on/off the additional CAN debug functionality.
  • Added BMS2 I/O parameters to Bosch CAN protocol;
  • Added DOUT control via Ignition feature;
  • Added Manual J1939 protocol;
  • Added permanent link with server feature;
  • Added Manual CAN commands functionality;
  • Added Falldown functionality with autocalibration;
  • Added Battery level I/O parameter;
  • Added Battery Charge Mode feature;
  • Added Beacon selection with Immobilizer feature;
  • Added functionality to hide DOUT selection near all features if DIN is selected;
  • Added Manual CAN feature;
  • Added Default J1939 protocol support with it's I/O parameters.
  • Optimized Digital Output tool tips;
  • Optimized UART panel title to be more accurate;
  • Removed duplicated I/O parameters;
  • Added RS485 Super Soco protocol;
  • Added wake up via DIN1 in Ultra Deep Sleep mode functionality;
  • Added GoUrban RS485 protocol for Super Soco e-scooter;
  • Added new TFT100 hardware support;
  • Implemented an option to select Analog Input Value Range;
  • Optimized default configuration;
  • Added DOUT Control Via Call feature;
  • Added iButton Read Notification and Immobilizer feature;
  • Added On Demand Tracking feature;
  • Added new Ignition Source parameters - Accelerometer, DIN1, Power Voltage, CAN;
  • Implemented DIN/DOUT selection ability;
  • Added Bosch CAN Powertrain and Askoll protocol selection and I/O's;
  • Added TFT100 hardware support;
  • Optimized Askoll specific commands;
  • Optimized CAN chip and NAND SPI Chip select synchronization;
  • Optimized iButton Read Notification feature;
  • Added DOUT Control Via Call and iButton features;
  • Added Immobilizer scenario;
  • Added DOUT Control via Call scenario;
  • Added new Ignition Source parameters - Accelerometer, DIN1, Power Voltage, CAN;
  • Implemented the ability to configure DIN/DOUT;
  • Added FOTA WEB support;
  • Added Askoll related SMS commands - askoll_unlock, askoll_horn, askoll_tc;
  • Optimized data reading through CAN interface;
  • Implemented Bosch CAN Powertrain and Askoll protocols;
  • Added DOUT protection;
  • Added base functionality for all modifications;
  • Added TFT100 hardware support;