FMA202 GSM settings, SMS part

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Essential fields in ‘SMS’ part are ‘Login’ and ‘Password’. The login and password are used with every SMS sent to FMA202. If login and password are not set, in every SMS sent to FMA202 device two spaces before command have to be used (<space><space><command>). Command structure with set login and password:
<login><space><password><space><command>, example: “opa opa getgps”

Phone numbers have to be written in international standard, without using “+” or “00” signs in prefix. If no numbers are entered, configuration and sending commands over SMS are allowed from all GSM numbers.
SMS data sending settings – enable or disable periodic data and event SMS usage. This setting does not affect replies to SMS request messages – answers are always sent back to sender telephone number.
FMA202 can send binary SMS with 24-coordinates-in-one-SMS. It is used in areas where no GPRS coverage is available. Module collects data and sends to server binary SMS containing information about last 24 collected points. SMS sending schedule is set in SMS Week Time tab and used Time zone is set in SMS Time Zone. 24-Coordinates SMS decoding is described in device protocols documentation. Please contact Teltonika sale manager to find out more about protocols documentation purchase

FMA1 SMS configration.png

Bw nb.png Note: A mobile phone will not understand SMS with binary code, so sending it to a mobile phone is useless. When sending a binary SMS to a phone number, which is a server phone number, the server can interpret and understand binary code, so the data can be read and you can view it on the server.
Bw nb.png SMS login and password and authorized number list are used to protect FMA202 module from unauthorized access. Module accepts messages only from a list of authorized numbers and with proper module login and password. Numbers must be without “+” or “00” prefix. If no authorized numbers are entered, module accepts messages from all numbers.