Automotive Relay

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Introduction to the product

Automotive relays are the common type of electromechanical relay that are used in all types of vehicles, like car, trucks, vans and trailers. They enable a small current flow circuit to control and operate a higher current circuit in vehicular applications and can be used with various solutions and provide useful use cases:

Automotive Relay3.png

Product Specification

Relay schematic diagram
Name Value
Contact Rating 30A/40A 14VDC
Coil Voltage 12VDC
Coil Power 1.8W
Release Voltage ≥10%
Pickup Voltage ≤70%
Insulation Resistance 100Ω
Contact Resistance 100Ω
Between open contact 500VAC
Between coil & contact 750VAC
Temperature Range -55~+85℃
Dimension 25.0x27.4x28.4
Weight 40g
Supported by FMB110, FMB120, FMB122, FMB125, FMU125, FMM125, FMC125, FMU126, FMB130, FMU130, FMC130, FMM130, FMB140, FMB202, FMB204, FMB208, FMB640, FMC640, FMM640, FMB900, FMB910, FMB920


Relay PIN Relay cable color Connection
30 Blue Common connection to NO & NC terminals
85 Black Coil
86 White Coil
87 Yellow Normally Open (NO)
87a Red Normally Closed (NC)

Promotional Material

Relay and wiring 1.png
Relay and wiring 2.png
Relay and wiring 3.png
Relay and wiring 4.png
Relay and wiring 5.png

Relay and wiring 6.png
Relay and wiring 7.png
Relay and wiring 8.png
Relay and wiring 9.png