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4G Cat M1 GNSS/GSM/Bluetooth® tracker with integrated CAN adapter and internal GNSS/GSM antennas and internal battery


Manual & Documentation

Pdf icon.png FMM150 Datasheet (EN) (Updated on: 2024-01-31)
Pdf icon.png FMM150 Quick Manual (EN) (Updated on: 2024-01-31)
Pdf icon.png FMx150 vs. FMB140 flyer (Updated on: 2023-06-22)
Image icon.png FMM150 Wiring scheme (EN)

Driver & Utility

Zip icon.png PC drivers
Zip icon.png Firmware
Zip icon.png Configurator


Logging via FMX150

Zip icon.png Capturing CAN Log

    External links

    Unboxing FMX150 Series.png Installing ECAN02 FMX150.png Configuring FMX150 Series.png