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IMPORTANT!!! 1. All FMBXXX devices except for FMB64X should have at least 01.03.03.Rev.00 firmware version installed.
2. FMB64X should have at least 00.02.05 version installed.
3. FM36YX devices should have at least 01.12.00.Rev.02 version installed. (FM36YX FotaWeb functionality for firmware update only)

Supported devices:

Device family

Please contact Teltonika's support for more information from where to download base firmware, configurator, user manual and protocols from.

Default FOTA WEB configuration settings:

Port: 5000
Period: 720 minutes (every 720 minutes device shall connect to FOTA WEB)


Using VPN SIM cards

If your SIM cards are within Mobile Operator’s VPN (private APN), the following must be ensured and paid special attention.
1. Must ensure that domain can be resolved from within Operator’s network.
2. Following IP and ports (egress) must be allowed by the operator.

  • IP:
  • Ports:
    • 2000
    • 3000
    • 4000
    • 5000
    • 6000
    • 7000

When using VPN SIM cards, you should still configure domain in your configurator, not the plain IP address.

Web Access

FOTA WEB is reached using domain address FOTA WEB uses HTTP ports 80 and 85 for authentication so if your network has HTTP proxy service or is blocking outgoing traffic – make sure that those two ports are added to exceptions in network proxy service and firewall.

1. Invitation for FOTA WEB is being delivered to user e-mail. You can press „GET STARTED“ button or use URL bellow. 2. After pressing the button or following URL you will be asked to write your name and password for Your account. 3. Last step is logging in FOTA WEB with your newly created account by entering e-mail address and password for your account.
FOTA WEB invi.png
FOTA WEB front.png
FOTA WEB login.png


Devices tab is what you see first when logged in to FOTA WEB. It can be divided into three distinct sections – Device section, Filter section, Navigation menu. Here is a brief rundown of each section:

Device section

This area provides a basic overview of individual or filtered devices while allowing single or multiple selections for ACTIONS afterward.


Filter section

Filter provides means to easily access devices that you need by combining different filters: Company, device Model, Firmware, and more.


Navigation menu

Different FOTA WEB tabs for complete management of registered Devices, Companies, and users.


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