Getting Started

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Here you will discover basic information on what FM devices support FOTA Web solution and where you can get started by following step by step guide from the invitation to your first login. Additionally you will find web sites basic settings such as changing language, API and more.

Device requirements

Supported Devices
Basic Trackers
Rich tracking features at a competitive price

Product list [+/-]
IP67 Trackers
Fleet Telematics Trackers

Fast & Easy Trackers
Fast installation and accurate tracking

Product list [+/-]
IP65 Trackers
Fleet Telematics Trackers

Advanced Trackers
Flexible and sophisticated all-rounders
OBD Trackers
Compact Plug & Play models to read OBD II data
CAN Trackers
Provide CAN bus data for all vehicle types
Professional Trackers
Comprehensive solutions for professional use

Product list [+/-]
IP67 Trackers

Note: 1. All FMBXXX devices except for FMB64X should have at least 01.03.03.Rev.00 firmware version installed.
2. FMB64X should have at least 00.02.05 version installed.
Please check Firmware Link to find latest base firmware for your device.

Default FOTA WEB configuration settings:

Port: 5000
Period: 720 minutes (every 720 minutes device shall connect to FOTA WEB)

FOTA in TCT.png

Network requirements

If your SIM cards are within Mobile Operator’s VPN (private APN), the following must be ensured and paid special attention.
1. Must ensure that domain can be resolved from within Operator’s network.
2. Following IP and ports (egress) must be allowed by the operator.

  • IP:
  • Ports:
    • 5000 (TCP)
    • 5005 (UDP)
    • 5055 (TCP)
    • 6000 (TCP)

When using VPN SIM cards, you should still configure domain in your configurator, not the plain IP address.

How to access FOTA WEB

FOTA WEB is reached using domain address FOTA WEB uses HTTPS port 443, so if your network has HTTPS proxy service or is blocking outgoing traffic – make sure that those two ports are added to exceptions in network proxy service and firewall.

1. Invitation for FOTA WEB is being delivered to user e-mail. Press the URL to create a password for your account. 2. After pressing the URL Link you will be asked to create a password for your account. 3. Last step is logging into FOTA WEB with the newly created account by entering your email address and password for your account. Email address is the same as the address you've received the invitation.
FOTA Invitation.PNG
FOTA Web Password.PNG
FOTA Web Log in.PNG

Select company

At the top-right corner, you can find the Company selector button. Pressing on a button will open a list of parent and child companies. Selecting a company allows for filtering resources available such as devices, task groups, groups, users, and files. It is an easy way to separate resources and make sure that you are working with the correct ones. Company selector button behavior:

  • When a single company is selected, you will see the company button label change to the selected company's name.
  • When two or more companies are selected, you will see a number of companies selected instead of an icon and "Companies" label.
  • When nothing is selected, you will see everything available and "All companies" label.

Note: Every company has to be selected individually.

FOTA Web Allcompanies.png


Notifications is located at the top-right corner of the page. Notifications will inform you when certain actions are completed such as devices firmware got updated, configuration got uploaded to or downloaded from the device and also notifies when devices are transferred from one company to another or moved from main company to child company. FOTA Web Notifications.png