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Withsss an increasing demand for cold-chain supply chains, Teltonika is offering the ability to monitor real-time information from freezer trailer thermographs. Each thermograph has an RS232 communication line where FMB640 devices can connect via COM1/COM2 port of the device. The solution is easy to install and configure. This allows you to monitor the main information of the freezer trailer such as Temperature, Fridge door status, Alarms, etc., and generate events according to your needs. For more information please refer to the installation manual below.

NOTE: this feature is available from FW ver. 01.02.02.Rev.00

Supported Thermographs

FMB640 can be connecteds to DataCold600, Transcan2, TouchPrint thermographs.

Refer to the table bellow to see which freezers use which thermograph:

Thermograph Type
Freezer Type DataCold600 Transcan2 TouchPrint
Carrier + - -
ThermoKing - + +

RS-232 Interface

RS-232 supports full-duplex communication which means the data can be both sent and received at the same time as they use separate transmission lines. Most of the modes are the same as for FMB640. When entering Sleep or Deep sleep RS-232 will be powered off. FMB640 RS-232 connection diagram is shown in the figure below:

FMX640 and RS232 illustration v1.2.png

Installation guide



No configuration is necessary.

If the equipment does not receive information from the thermographer, the speed of the port accessing the configuration menu:

Keep the blue and red buttons pressed at the same time. "Enter PIN code" is displayed in screen, enter pin "1111" by pressing the blue button four times. Travel for the options with the red button.

The ENG Display> OFF option must be ON, change its value with the keys ◄ and ►. Once switched to ON, keep scrolling through the options until find Baud Rate> 9600. The value should be 9600, otherwise adjust the speed by moving the cursor with the ◄ and ► keys, and adjust speed with the keys ▲ and ▼.



Same connections as the ThermoKing thermograph.

Configuration: No configuration is necessary.

See ThermoKing Configuration.

Carrier Datacold 600

To properly use DataCold 600 with FMX640 these steps must be followed:

  • In FMX640 RS232 settings DataCold mode is selected and Baudrate set to 38400
  • Partner mode enabled on DataCold 600

To enable Partner mode on DataCold 600:

  1. Press and hold the green button for 4 seconds
  2. Insert password. Default password - 1111
  3. Press the blue button to open 11 communication settings
  4. Press the green button to select edit action
  5. 11.1.0 Com1 Port settings should be opened, then press the green button again
  6. Then search for Partner protocol and press the green button to accept changes

Important note - RX and TX are inverted via the RS-232 connection. Scheme to properly manage DataCold 600 RS232 connection:

Carrier Datacold 600.png

Available parameters (AVL IDs) with DataCold 600:

Parameter name Power mode Speed mode Ambient Air Temperature Alarm level Communication state flags Manufacturer ID Battery State Flags Fuel state flags Run Mode Fridge Error Codes Fridge Temperature Probe 1-6 External Digital Sensor 1-4 External Analog Input 1-4
AVL ID 10062 10071 10350 10352 10354 10472 10473 10474 10480 10639 10644-10649 10464-10467 10468-10471

Run mode explanation:

Run mode StartStop Continious CycleCentry Unknown/Now available
Value (HEX) 0 1 2 7

Fuel and Battery state flag explanation:

Fuel/Battery Flag Status Available Error Alarm Digital sensor
Enum (bit field) value 0 1 2 3


Make sure the FMB640 device is configured to receive data from “Transcan2 Reefer”, "Touchprint Reefer" or "DataCold Reefer". To do this, enter the configurator window, select the RS232 \ RS485 section displayed in the screenshots below, and configure accordingly (COM1/COM2 Settings, Mode “Transcan2 Reefer”, "Touchprint Reefer" or "DataCold Reefer", Baudrate: Default)

DataCold Reefer 2021 08 20.png

DataCold Reefer

To configure "DataCold Reefer" I/O parameters, please select "Reefer IO":

Reefer IO settings.png

Data sending parameters (AVL ID) used for "DataCold Reefer" are these: 10040 - 10649. For more in-depth information, please refer to Data Sending Parameters page.

Transcan2 Reefer

To configure "Transcan2 Reefer" I/O parameters, please select "TK Transcom IO":

Transcom IO settings.png

Data sending parameters (AVL ID) used for "Transcan2 Reefer" are these: 10683 - 10694. For more in-depth information, please refer to Data Sending Parameters page.

Touchprint Reefer

To configure "Touchprint Reefer" I/O parameters select "TK Touchprint IO":

Touchprint Reefer IO settings.png

Data sending parameters (AVL ID) used for "Touchprint Reefer" are these: 10695 - 10703. For more in-depth information, please refer to Data Sending Parameters page.

Codec 8 Extended should be selected as the main data protocol in the “Protocol Settings” tab, which is located in the “System” section.