How to add a BLE preset to the configurator

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How to add a BLE preset to the configurator (Bluetooth 4.0 tab).

Solution applies for these FM devices

FMB003 FMB900 FMB910 FMB920 FMB110 FMB120 FMB122 FMB125 FMB202 FMB204 FMB962 FMB964 FMT100 FMM125 FMM130 FMU125 FMU130 FMC125 FMC130 FMC640 FMM640 FMP100

About presets

Presets - PREpared SETtings for decoding Bluetooth equipment data (Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Motion Sensors, Fuel Level Sensors, etc.).

Basic list of presets

You can find a basic list of presets here:

Device settings => Bluetooth 4.0 tab => Connection number => Advanced mode => Preset selection.

4.0 1.gif

Adding presets

You can add presets (XML format) to the configurator (Bluetooth 4.0 tab) if your BLE equipment is not supported by the standard set of presets.

All saved presets are located here: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Presets

A prepared preset must be added to the main list:

It is enough to reopen the presets window to see the updated list:

Deleating presets

You can delete a preset, in which case it will be deleted from the general list:

Saving your own preset

You can also save your own settings to a new preset. To do this, use the "Preset save" button and enter the name. In this case you can find your preset in the general list: My preset.gif You can also find the XML version of the preset here: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Presets