How to read data from TZ-BT04/05/05B sensor

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If you are not using Bluetooth, please consider turning it off or change Bluetooth PIN to remove potential risks.

If you are using Bluetooth we strongly recommend using AES encryption for enhanced security.


These are instructions on how to easily read data from TZ-BT04/05/05B Bluetooth LE sensor with Teltonika device.

First the device Bluetooth settings need to be configured. These are the required steps:
  • Press Bluetooth settings.
  • Turn on BT Radio by pressing Enable (hidden) or Enable (visible).
  • Press Bluetooth 4.0 settings.
  • Select TZ-BT04/05/05B sensor in BLE connectionless functionalities section.
  • Type your TZ-BT04/05/05B ID in ID field.
  • After all these steps press Save to device to save configuration.
  • To start BLE scan right away press Discover BLE.


To check if the device has already received data from TZ-BT04/05/05B Bluetooth LE sensor, follow these steps:

  • Navigate toStatus section.
  • Press I/O Info and look if BLE Temp, BLE Battery and BLE Humidity has any values.